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The Iron Triangle – The Carlyle Group Exposed

WHAT:            Even though we have been at peace since the cold war ended in 1991 the American people are being forced to finance costly weapons systems and send American troops into battle. Two groups are responsible; the Council of Foreign Relations and its sister organization the Trilateral Commission. The group’s members are driven by personal gain. Members of the group include the elite names in American, Western European, and Japanese — industry, labor, finance, law, communications, government and academia. The members of this group have no character. This paper focuses on a company called the Carlyle Group. The Carlyle Group is a Council of Foreign Relations investor team of Defense industry racketeers. WHEN:           As of February 1993, the Carlyle Group controlled companies with more that 40,000 employees and that together are valued at more than $2 billion. WHERE:         The Carlyle Group 1001 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20004. The Council On Foreign Relations, 58 E. 68th Street, NY, 10021, 212-734-0400. Trilateral Commission, 345 E. 46th Street, Suite 711, NY, NY, 10017, 212-662-1180. WHO:  Council on Foreign Relations member David Rubenstein is co-founder and CEO of the Carlyle group. The men that run the Carlyle group are members of the Council on Foreign Relations, or have been close personal friends and advisors to members of the Council on Foreign Relations. The men that run the Carlyle group have been with the DoD, the Pentagon, The Department of State, the National Security Council and the CIA. Many of the men that run the Carlyle group have served from one administration to the next.  Many of the men that run the Carlyle group have been close personal advisors to one or more presidents. Presidents that have been advised by these men have been involved in serious scandals, including Watergate, their an-Contra Affair, and Pent agate. While the Presidential administrations these men advised were rocked by scandal these presidential advisors survived to move on to the next administration. The Carlyle Group is an investor teamed by Ronald Reagan’s Defense Secretary Frank C. Carlucci III and funded impart by the Mellon family. The managing director of the Carlyle group is George Bush’s White House Office of Management and Budget Director Richard Darman. A partner in the group is George Bush’s Secretary of State James A. Baker III. Another member of the Carlyle group is Richard Nixon’s White House Office of Management and Budget Deputy Director Frederic Malek. The Bin Laden family is closely connected to the Carlyle Group. HOW:  One way the Carlyle group makes money is to go into a defense company and force closure of an operation. The group then sells weapons at “bargain basement prices”. Who buys these weapons? What happens to these weapons? Are they sold to third world countries? Are revolutions stirred up in these countries by members of the CIA and other branches of the US Intelligence community, many of whose members belong to the Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commissions? Are US peacekeeping troops eventually sent in to try and defuse these revolutions? Will US peacekeeping troops be killed with these American manufactured weapons? Do media sources controlled by other Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission members disseminate and print propaganda that makes these operations sound like they are furthering American goals of democracy and freedom when in fact they are doing nothing but providing opportunities for members of the Council on Foreign Relations to profit from an economics of unrest at the expense of suffering and hardship that these members are bringing upon other human beings? WHY:  On the 25 th of December 1991 our greatest enemy, Russia, gave-up. Yet today, rather than having world peace, we have sent 30,000 troops to Somalia; we have sent American troops to Bosnia-Herznegovena; we have sent American troops to Haiti. During the first three years of peace the American People have been sustaining $250 billion dollar defense budgets. They are being told that the reason for this obscene spending is to preserve jobs and win votes. Meanwhile the defense industry is in a merging frenzy. Hundreds of thousands of jobs have been lost. Yet most companies have management and members of the boards of directors that are earning million dollar salaries. Millions more are changing hands through stock manipulation, and earning reports whose numbers are manipulated with such strategies as “downsizing”,”streamlining”, and “belt-tightening”. Martin-Marietta management received $50 million from Grumman Corporation because they were unsuccessful in their take over attempt. Northrop-management who is now working with the Carlyle group, and was successful in taking over Grumman, has done nothing about the $50 million dollar rip off of the stock holders. This years defense budget is $244 billion dollars, hardly a big reduction from a $300 billion dollar cold war defense budget when Russia was still our enemy. The Pentagon’s shopping list includes a fleet of new attack submarines that might well cost $3 billion apiece and an initial order of six cargo planes that would go for $350 million each. Even more galling is that the Seawolf submarine program and the C-17 cargo plane project both are steeped in pork-barrel politics. The B-22 stealth is a costly boondoggle that leaves a visible contrail that can be seen with the naked eye, allowing the plane to be spotted visually and destroyed from the ground. Joint-STARS is a $5 billion dollar targeting system that has accurately targeted our own troops and British troops during desert storm. Jobs and votes aren’t at stake. What’s at stake are hundreds of billions of dollars being stolen from the American public. What’s at stake is a Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission plan for world globalization.

Frank Carlucci Vice Chairman or Chairman of Vice?

Defense Secretary Carlucci directed the Pentagon to move toward development of a new nuclear weapon that would penetrate the earth and then explode underground; the weapon would be designed for use against underground Soviet command posts.” (Wall Street Journal, September 13, 1988 5;1) Frank C. Carlucci held senior policy positions in eight presidential administrations. Carlucci held various State Department positions through four presidential administrations (Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon). The Secretaries of State, who served in the same administrations were; John Foster Dulles [ Eisenhower ’53-59 ], Christian A. Herter [Eisenhower ’59-61],Dean Rusk [Kennedy ’61-63 Johnson ’63-69],  William P. Rogers [Nixon ’69-73], Henry Kissinger [Nixon ’73-74, Ford ’74-77], Cyrus R. Vance [Carter ’77-80], Edmund S. Muskie [Carter ’80-81], Alexander M. Haig Jr. [Reagan ’81-82], George P.  Shultz [Reagan 82-89]. Frank C. Carlucci III is a member of the Council of Foreign Relations. So are Dulles, Herter, Rusk, Rogers, Kissinger, Muskie and Haig. During the Nixon administration Carlucci moved out of the State Department to become director of the Office of Economic Opportunity (’70); associate director of the Office of Management and Budget (’71); and Undersecretary of Health Education and Welfare (’72-74). In the Ford Administration Carlucci became ambassador to Portugal(’75-78). In the Carter Administration Carlucci became Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (’78-81). In the Reagan administration Carlucci became Assistant Secretary of Defense (’81-82). Carlucci boss was Secretary of Defense Casper Weinberger. Casper Weinberger is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Sometime between 1981 and 1983, two secret US Government operations were begun. In 1984 these operations resulted in the direct or indirect sale, shipment or transfer of military arms, materiel, and funds to the government of Iran. The transfer continued for two years. Some of the proceeds from these transactions were used to support persons or entities engaged as military insurgents in armed conflict with the government of Nicaragua. In October and November of 1986 these operations were publicly exposed. They potentially implicated Reagan Administration officials in illegal activities. [Executive Summary – Reports of the Independent Counsel Iran-Contra pg. xiii] President Reagan’s Secretary of Defense Casper Weinberger was one of the administration officials implicated in the Iran-Contra affair. In 1982, around the time the two US Government illegal covert operations were beginning Frank C. Carlucci ended twenty-six consecutive years in government service to became President of Sears World Trade, Inc. He became CEO of the company in 1984. On 19 December 1986, the Special Division of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit appointed Lawrence D. Walsh as Independent Counsel and charged him to investigate the Iran-Contra affair. In 1986 Frank C. Carlucci returned to the Reagan Administration as Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs (’86-87); he served as secretary of Defense for the reminder of the Reagan Administration (’87-89). Casper W. Weinberger was charged with four counts of false statements and perjury. President Bush pardoned Weinberger on Christmas Eve 1992. President Bush, Casper Weinberger and Frank C. Carlucci have a number of things in common. All are members of the Council on Foreign Relations. All have served in high-level intelligence positions. All have been members of the National Security Counsel. In 1990 Carlucci again left government service. Carlucci became vice chairman of the Carlyle Group. In 1993 Frank Charles Carlucci III became chairman of the Carlyle group. At about the same time Frank C. Carlucci III left the government to go to work for the Carlyle group, James Addison Baker III became Secretary of State for George Bush. In March of1993, James Addison Baker III, left the government and joined the Carlyle group as a partner.

A Butcher A Baker A Bullet Maker

“Officially, Mr. Baker is said to be working so hard that he has no time to surface. But longtime Baker watchers think there is more to the absence than, well, meets the eye. They say his modus operandi has always been to remain in the background whenever things are in doubt and might go wrong. And they predict that if Mr. Bush does not make a better race out of the 1992 election, Mr. Baker will remain the phantom of the West Wing, not just out of sight but also out of the way of blame.” (The New York Times 23 September 1992 A,21:1) James Addison Baker III, was born 28 April 1930. He married Susan Garrett 6 August 1973. They have 8 children. Baker received a BA from Princeton  (’52), and an LLB from University of Texas (’57). From 79-80 Baker was campaign chairman for George Bush. From 80-81 he was Senior Advisor to Reagan-Bush and member of the Reagan Transition Team. From 81-85 he was Chief of Staff forth White House. From 85-88 he was Secretary of the Department of the Treasury. In 1988 he was George Bush’s campaign Chairman. In 1989 be became George Bush’s Secretary of State. He remained Secretary of State for George Bush until 1992 when Lawrence Eagleburger became Secretary of State. George Bush and Lawrence Eagleburger are members of the Council on Foreign Relations. In Lawrence E. Walsh’s Report of the Iran Contra Affair we learn of a meeting that took place on June 25th1984. “A day or two after the Saudis agreed to provide a million dollars a month to the contras, McFarlane informed President Reagan and Vice President Bush. He said he also informed Shultz and Weinberger that money had been provided to the contras through the end of the year, but neither pressed him for details. The topic of third-country funding for the contras dominated a June 25,1984 meeting of President Reagan’s National Security Planning Group (NSPG). Casey advocated such a plan. Shultz quoted White House Chief of Staff James Baker (who was not in attendance) as stating that such solicitations would constitute an “impeachable offense.” The group, however, agreed that a legal opinion should be sought from the justice department. Underscoring the extreme secrecy surrounding the matter, President Reagan warned against leaks, stating, “If such a story gets out, we’ll all be hanging by our thumbs in front of the White House until we find out who did it.” None of the participants in the National Security Planning Group meeting – which included the President [Reagan] ,Vice President [Bush], Shultz, Weinberger, Casey, then presidential counselor Edwin Messe III and McFarlane – apparently raised the fact that the successful Saudi solicitation had already occurred. George Bush, George P. Shultz, Casper Weinberger and Robert McFarlane are members of the Council on Foreign Relations. What excuse does a member of the National Security Planning Group, who believes the discussion of the group involves possible participation in an impeachable offense, give to avoid attending the meeting with the President of the United States whom he is supposed to be advising? The day after the National Security Planning Group meeting, Casey met with Attorney General William French Smith. Smith determined that third-country funding of the contras was legally permissible as long as no US funds were used for the purpose, and as long as there was not an expectation on the part of the third country that the United States should repay the aid. Over the course of the following year, Saudi Arabia gave a total of $32 million to the Nicaraguan contras. Taiwan later contributed $2 million. Has the US ever given aid to Saudi Arabia or Taiwan? If they did how can anyone say that part of that money didn’t go to the contra funding? The contras were a group of Nicaraguan rebels known as the Nicaraguan Democratic Forces. Their opponents were the Sandinista regime that seized power in Nicaragua in1979. The funding discussed at the National Security Planning Group meeting of 25 June 1984 came in the wake of Congress’s withdrawal of funding for CIA covert operations in Nicaragua. The withdrawal of funding was made into law in October of 1984 when the Boland Amendment was passed. The Boland amendment stated, “During fiscal year 1985, no funds available to the Central Intelligence Agency, the Department of Defense, or any other agency or entity of the United States involved in intelligence activities may be obligated or expended for e purpose or which would have the effect of supporting, directly or indirectly, military or paramilitary operations in Nicaragua by any nation, group, organization, movement, or individual.” In the early to mid-80’s the CIA produced a small handbook called Psychological Operation’s In Guerrilla Warfare. The manual was disseminated to  “contras” or anti-Sandinista rebels. The manual was based on material originating in April of 1968 at the Army Special Warfare School at Fort Bragg on psychological operations or “psy-ops“. When its existence was first revealed the manual caused a storm of controversy. President Reagan promised a detailed inquiry. However, only a few low-level CIA employees were reprimanded. The matter was then officially closed. The original manual suggested hiring professional criminals to stir up trouble at demonstrations so that people would be killed and martyrs created from among the contra ranks. Edgar Chammoro, the Nicaraguan Democratic Forces director of propaganda objected to this material and the pages that contained it were physically ripped from the first printing of the manuals. The preface to the manual tells us, “This book is a manual for training of guerrillas in psychological operations, and its application to the concrete case of the Christian and democratic crusade being waged in Nicaragua by the Freedom Commandos. Welcome!” The manual provides the following advice for controlling meetings and mass assemblies, “The control of mass meetings in support of guerrilla warfare is carried out internally through a covert commando element, bodyguards, messengers, shock forces (initiators of incidents), placard carriers (also used for making signals), shouters of slogans, everything under the control of the outside commando element. When the cadres are placed or recruited in organizations such as labor unions, youth groups, agrarian organizations or professional associations, they will begin to manipulate the objective of the groups. The psychological apparatus of our movement through inside cadres prepares a mental attitude which at the crucial moment can be turned into a fury of justified violence. Through a small group of guerrillas infiltrated within the masses this can be carried out: they will have the mission of agitating by giving the impression that there are many of them and that they have a large popular backing. Using the tactics of a force of 200-300agitators, a demonstration can be created in which 10,000-20,000 persons take part. ” Were these tactics used by CIA agents who infiltrated student groups in the 60’s and created incidents to dividend conquer a well educated generation of young people? Could some of the groups that were infiltrated have been women’s activist groups?  Has the CIA, FBI and other intelligence agencies used these techniques to infiltrate professional associations such as the AMA, AAAS, IEEE, and the ABA. Have intelligence agencies manipulated the objectives of professional associations such as these? Was this done so that the Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission could maintain control of the United States of America and advance its plans? Another section of the manual provides instruction on the selective use of violence for propagandistic effects: “It is possible to neutralize carefully selected and planned targets, such as court judges, mesta judges, police and State Security officials, CS chief, et. For psychological purposes it is necessary to take extreme precautions, and it is absolutely necessary to gather together the population affected, so that they will be present, take part in the act, and formulate accusations against the oppressor. The target or person should be chosen on the basis of: ¥ The spontaneous hostility that the majority of the population feels toward the target. ¥ Use rejection or potential hatred by the majority of the population affected toward the target, stirring up the population and making them see all the negative and hostile actions of the individual against the people. ¥ If the majority of the people give their support or backing to the target or subject, do not try to change these sentiments through provocation. ¥ Relative difficulty of controlling the person who will replace the target The person who will replace the target should be chosen carefully, based on: ¥ Degree of violence necessary to carryout the change. ¥ Degree of violence acceptable to the population affected. ¥ Degree of violence possible without causing damage or danger to other individuals in the area of the target. ¥ Degree of predictable reprisal by the enemy on the population affected or other individuals in the area of the target. The mission to replace the individual should be followed by: ¥ Extensive explanation within the population affected of the reason why  it was necessary for the good of the people. ¥ Explain that Sandinista retaliation is unjust, indiscriminate, and above all, a justification for the execution of this mission. ¥ Carefully test the reaction of the people toward the mission, as well as control this reaction, making sure that the populations reaction is beneficial towards the Freedom Commandos. ” Are American politicians or presidents that are not acting according to Council of Foreign Relations plans targeted and neutralized? Are other influential Americans, such as leading scientists, actors, lawyers, corporation executives, and members of the press, that are not acting according to Council of Foreign Relations plans targeted and neutralized? Are  media sources controlled by Council on Foreign Relations members used to present negative or controversial information about the target to stir up rejection or potential hatred against these people? Is there a planned dissemination of negative and hostile material aimed at specific groups of Americans to fuel their rejection or hatred of an individual perceived as a threat or enemy to  Council on Foreign relations policy or to a Council on Foreign Relations member?

Please Don’t Squeeze the Darman – the Darman’s Here to Squeeze You

While Mr. Darman may act a lot more like a “choirboy” around Mr. Baker, as one Bush official put it, he has not given up his devilish delight in the black arts of backstabbing, infighting, leaking and turf building. “There are not too many people who have survived five Presidencies,” the official mused.New York Times, Tuesday September 22, 1992. Richard Gordon Darman is a former government official, a former investment banker, and a former educator. Richard Gordon Darman is an investor for the Carlyle Group. Richard Gordon Darman is member of the Council on Foreign Relations. In September of 1992 an article by Maureen Dowd, profiling Richard Gordon Darman, appeared in the New York Times. The article reveals a good deal about Darman’s lack of character. “As a boy Mr. Darman once queried a teacher about a final question on a test, as a way of intimidating the other students into thinking he was almost finished. As an adult, Mr. Darman sometimes managed to convey the impression that he was the last one working in the Reagan White House by leaving his suit coat on his chair and his office light burning after he left of home…Bush officials who have studied this Master of the Bureaucratic Universe say he swiftly establishes primacy in relationships with subordinates by asking a question on a subject he ascertain he knows more about, then correcting the subordinate’s answer, even if it is only a tad off. In the days when he and former chief of staff, John H. Sununu, were dominating domestic policy with what one Bush aide describes a “Torquemada like glee,” Mr. Darman was asked by a conservative columnist why the Bush speech writers had no fresh ideas. “That’s the way we want it,” Mr. Darman replied, smiling…Marlin Fitzwater, the President’s press spokesman, who has seen Mr. Darman yell and throw papers on the floor on occasion, was too intimidated to talk about the budget chief. “Too dangerous,” he said, “Too scary.” While some subordinates complain Mr. Darman can be rude, and some rivals call him remorseless, he can be charming and witty to those he would capture. Some rivals say Mr. Darman even changes the tone of his voice whence addresses President Bush, to make it more respectful and soothing. “Overtime, Dick has figured out the psychology of the Presidents he’s working with, what they need,” said David Gergan, an editor at US News and World Report who worked with him in the Reagan White House. “He is one of the people who thinks about this in a consistent way and watches in a close way how to act so that he will become indispensable.”…With reporters he also aims for the psychological edge. “You went to Radcliff, didn’t you?” he interrupts an interviewer who did not. He told another young reporter, after excusing himself to take a phone call from his good friend, the famed investigative reporter at “The Washington Post: “That was your colleague, Bob Woodward.” Do you think Charmin Darman could have been deep throat? Darman was born in Charlotte, North Carolina on 10 May 1943. Darman earned a BA from Harvard (’64) and a Biform Harvard (’67). Darman didn’t go to Viet Nam.  In 1971, during the Nixon Administration, Darman became assistant Secretary of Health Education and Welfare. Darman’s boss was Elliot L. Richardson, Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare. Elliot L. Richardson is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. In 1973 Richardson moved out of Health Education and Welfare to become Nixon’s Secretary of Defense. Another Council on Foreign Relations member, Casper Weinberger became Secretary of Health education and Welfare. Darman followed his boss, Richardson and became Assistant Secretary of Defense. In January of 1973 five of seven defendants involved in the Watergate break-in trial pleaded guilty, and the other two were convicted. On 30 April 1973 Attorney General Richard Kleindienst resigned amid charges of White House efforts to obstruct justice in the Watergate case. Elliot L. Richardson left the position of Secretary of defense to become Nixon’s Attorney General. Nixon’s new Secretary of Defense was Council on Foreign Relations member James R. Schlesinger. Darman again followed Richardson and became Special Assistant to the Attorney General. On October 20th Elliot Richardson resigned, and President Nixon fired Richardson’s deputy William D. Ruckelshaus and Watergate Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox. Ruckelshaus is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Richard Darman also left the Nixon administration to become a Fellow at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. In 1975 Darman became principal Director of ICF Incorporated. He retained this position until 1980. In 1976 Darman went back to work for the government as Assistant Secretary for Department of Commerce in the Ford Administration. The Secretary for the Department of Commerce was Elliot Richardson, who had returned to work forth government under President Ford. In 1977 President Carter replaced Elliot Richardson with Juanita M. Kreps. James Carter and Juanita M. Kreps are members of the Council on Foreign Relations. Darman left government service along with Richardson. From 77-80 Darman lectured on public policy at Harvard University. In 1981 Darman returned to work for the Reagan administration as Assistant to President Reagan. He stayed in this position until 1985 when he was made Deputy Secretary for the Department of the Treasury. Darman’s boss was James Aldiss Baker III. James Aldiss Baker III was a member of President Reagan’s National Security Council. The other members of the Planning Group were: President Reagan, Vice President Bush, Secretary of State George P. Shultz, Secretary of Defense Casper Weinberger, Director of the CIA William Casey, Presidential Counselor Edwin Messe III, National Security Advisor Robert C.  McFarlane, United Nations Ambassador Jeanne Kirkpatrick, Chairman of the Joint Chief’s of Staff John W. Vessey.  Bush, Shultz, Weinberger, Casey, McFarlane, Kirkpatrick, and Vessey are members of the Council on Foreign Relations. Between 1984 and through most of 1986 members of President Reagan’s National Security Council implemented a foreign-policy directive to keep a group of Nicaraguan rebels alive as a fighting force, despite a law called the Boland Amendment, which prohibited US aid for such military activities. On 25 November 1986 the Iran-Contra affair was publicly announced. Shortly there after James Aldiss Baker III and Richard Gordon Darman left the Reagan Administration. Darman became a managing director for Shearson Lehman Brothers. In 1989 Darman’s fellow Council on Foreign Relations member George Bush became President of the United States. James Aldiss Baker III became George Bush’s first Secretary of State. Richard Gordon Darman become Director of the Office of Management and Budget. In November of 1992 George Bush lost the presidential election to William Clinton. The men that lead the Bush campaign included James A. Baker III, Robert M. Teeter, Frederic V. Malek, Richard G. Darman, Nicholas F. Brady, and C. Boyden Gray. Bush, Malek, Darman and Brady are members of the Council on Foreign Relations. C. Boyden Gray’s grandfather was Bowman Gray, who made a fortune in tobacco manufacturing and was chairman of the R.J. Reynolds Company of Winston-Salem North Carolina. Boyden Gray’s father was Gordon Gray; designer and chairman of the Psychological Strategy Board, the Psychological Warfare Board and the Operations Coordinating Board; advisor to every President from Harry Truman through Gerald Ford; chairmen of the “Gray Boards” that striped Robert J. Openheimer of his clearance to silence him and keep the American public uninformed to the dangers of Nuclear proliferation. C. Boyden Gray was counsel to George Bush during the Iran Contra Affair. George Bush is a member of the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations.

Malek — Its Not What You Know it’s Who You Know

Two competing bidders seek right to ‘privatize’ Thayer Hotel, on grounds of United States Military Academy in West Point, NY; one group of bidders, led by John A Dodson, claims that the other group is using political authority of one member, Frederic V Malek, to further its aims; Malek, who is general manager of Bush-Quayle campaign, denies this.” (New York Times, 18 October1992 Section 1 pg 45 column 2.)   Fredric V. Malek and Richard G. Darman have a number of things in common. Both are members of the Council on Foreign Relations. Both worked for a company called ICF Incorporated. ICF Inc.’s. full name is ICF Kaiser International, Inc. Frederic V. Malek is a Director of this company. The Company is located at 9300 Lee Highway in Fairfax Virginia. ICF Kaiser International, has subsidiary called ICF Kaiser Engineers located at 1800 Harrison Street, Oakland California. ICF Kaiser Engineers is a capital and research corporation that does engineering and construction work. It employs 2500 people. It has offices in Australia, England, Hong Kong Portugal and Taiwan. Its revenues are about $625 million year. ICF Kaiser International’s business is Environmental Services and Engineering. They employ 4000 people and have revenues of  $678 million a year. The company obtains multi-million dollar contracts to clean-up hazardous wastes. Many of their contracts come from the EPA. Some of their contracts are for undisclosed amounts. Despite half billion dollar revenues the company loses money year after year and pays very little taxes. High-level nuclear wastes remain dangerous for hundreds of thousands of years. How can the DOE guarantee that this waste will stay isolated and secure from the environment for thousands of years — the answer is they can’t, and know they can’t. Recently the DOE released a study. It told the American Public a $230 billion – $350 billion thermonuclear waste clean-up is necessary. The cleanup of the nation’s nuclear weapons production sites is one of the most vexing legacies of the Cold War. The clean-up will stretch late into the next century, according to an Energy Dept evaluation. And even after these vast expenditures, severe contamination from buried debris will require cordoning off hundreds of acres at a number of major sites indefinitely, according to the study. Maintaining these sites could cost $75 million a year. Do you think ICF will be getting any of the Taxpayer billions?              An Associated Press article described the problem Moab Utah, once the uranium capital of the world, is having in disposing of its radioactive waste. It appears there is no safe and inexpensive way to-do so. How many more Council on Foreign Relations run companies will be bilking the taxpayer for pretending to clean up hazardous waste produced by Council on Foreign Relations industries. If ICF Kaiser employs 2500 people and pays each $50,000 per year that is a payroll of $125,000,000. If ICF Kaiser revenues are$625 million — then that leaves $500 million — one half billion dollars. How can a company with $500 million in revenue lose money and pay no taxes? ICF Kaiser seems to be able to work this miracle every year. Shouldn’t our ever-vigilant IRS or the thousands of Lawyers hired by the Justice department be looking into this matter? ICF Kaiser International Earnings and Finances -Auditors – Coppers & Lybrand Washington D.C. Consolidated Earnings Year-End approximately February 28. Year    Revenues        Operating Inc. Depr& Amortization 1994    $651,657,000  $9,818,000      $9,559,000 1993    678,882,000    29,087,000      10,766,000 1992    710,873,000    26,241,000      9,159,000 1991    624,976,000    36,537,000      11,438,000 1990    503,904,000    23,885,000      6,304,000 1989    297,866,000    16,466,000      2,969,000 1988    82,184,000      5,643,000        1,377,000 1987    57,876,000      3,240,000        1,135,000 1986    45,580,000      1,767,000        524,000 1985    31,029,000      1,657,000        372,000

Year    Income Taxes Net Income     Share Earns

                                    prim.    dttd. 1994    $     349,000    $12,528,000(deficit)    0.92(def)         0.92(def) 1993    6,255,000        8,639,000        0.16     0.16 1992    13,794,000      40,156,000(deficit)      2.25(def)         2.25(def) 1991    9,727,000        14,291,000      0.71     0.68 1990    6,112,000        8,794,000        0.57     0.57 1989    5,060,000        6,524,000        0.46     0.46 1988    1,085,000        1,974,000        0.15     0.15 1987    943,000           784,000           0.07     0.07 1986    509,000           457,000           0.04     0.04 1985    502,000           622,000           0.06     0.06 The following ICF Kaiser International stories appeared in the Wall Street Journal: 1994             ICF Kaiser International received a$1.9 million contract from the Seattle Water Department to continue developing seismic upgrade designs and providing construction support services for the city’s water supply, storage and distribution facilities(01/10/94 – B, 3:6)             ICF Kaiser International established an environmental consulting and engineering company in Mexico with two consultants who formerly held high-ranking positions for international environmental affairs in the Mexican government. (02/09/95 – B, 4:6)             ICF Kaiser International reported fiscal fourth quarter 1994 loss of $20.5 million, compared with a profit of$1.5 million in the year ago period. (04/25/94 C 13:6)             Citing reduced costs and improved marketing ICF Kaiser International Inc. said it had a profit of $218,000 in the fiscal first quarter ended May 31, 1994. In the 1993 first quarter period, the firm lost $657,000. (06/23/94 B, 9:6)             ICF Kaiser International posted fiscal second-quarter loss of $613,000 compared with net income of $1,3 million a year earlier. The loss stems in part from a higher interest-expenses charge resulting from a debt refinancing. 10/05/94 – B4:6. 1993             ICF Inc unit of ICF International was awarded a $15 million, three-year engineering support contract from the EPA(06/22/93 – B, 6:6)             A unit of ICF International Inc received a three-year $12 million contract from the Florida Department of Environmental Regulation to conduct petroleum contamination assessment and cleanup operations. (01/19/93 – B, 4:6).             A Unit of ICF International Inc. signed a $20.6 million contract to mange the design and construction of an11-mile light rail transit line in Manila Philippines. (05/21/94 B4:4).             The ICF Kaiser Engineers subsidiary of ICF International Inc received a $7 million, two-year extension on its consulting contract to Taipe Taiwan for the development of an 88-kilometer,or about 55 mile, rapid transit system (04/22/93, B 4:6). 1992             Japanese computer maker NEC Corp will team with ICF International subsidiary ICF Severn Inc., a systems integration company based in Lanham MD, in an attempt to sell supercomputers to the US. (01/07/92 B, 5:5).             ICF International Inc posted a loss of$18.2 million for its third quarter ended Nov 30, 1991 after a $20 million charge for discontinued operations. The loss compares with year-earlier net income of $3.7 million. (01/16/92 B, 4:3)             ICF International Inc said its Ickier Engineers unit was awarded a $25 million contract by the DOE to provide technical support for a cleanup project at a former chemical explosives plant in Dayton Ohio. (01/16/92 A, 9:3)             ICF International Inc. was awarded a$35 million contract over five years to provide the EPA with technical and analytical support services (02/13/92 B, 4:6)             A unit of ICF International Inc. was awarded a three-year, $5.3 million contract by the Interior Department to study air quality problems in the Gulf of Mexico. ( 03/18/92 – B, 3:4)             A unit of ICF International Inc. received a $13 million contract to provide a hazardous-waste incinerator system in Taiwan in a joint venture with San Yueh/YFY, an environmental engineering firm in that country. ( 03/18/92 – B, 4:6)             ICF International Inc’s consulting subsidiary, ICF Inc., was awarded a contract valued at more than $19million by the EPA. (07/02/92 – B, 3:4).             The engineering subsidiary of ICF International Inc was awarded a multimillion-dollar contract by Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque NM to provide architectural and engineering services for the federal facility. (07/15/92 – A, 2:5).             ICF International’s ICF Kaiser Engineers subsidiary, was awarded a 29-month multimillion-dollar contract to provide engineering and procurement services for a copper concentrate plant in Ely NV. Terms of the contract were not disclosed. (09/11/92 – B, 14:6).             ICF Inc, a subsidiary ICF International Inc, was awarded a three-year, $31 million contract to support the climate-change program of the US EPA. (09/16/92 16 – B 4:6)             ICF International Inc said its ICF Kaiser Engineers unit signed a one-year $4.5 million contract to serve as management consultant during the preliminary design phase of a light rail transit system planned for downtown Chicago. (12/22/92 – B, 4:6) 1991             ICF International postponed a planned public offering of four million Class A shares citing disappointing earnings. (06/19/91, C, 15:6)             ICF International expects net income for the first quarter ended May 31, 1991 to be below the year-earlier net of $2.8 million. ( 07/08/91, C, 6:6).             ICF Kaiser Engineers Inc and Morrison Knudsen Corp won a $20 million contract for a toxic waste cleanup project at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, (09/09/91, Am 8:6)    ICF International said subsidiary ICF Unc, signed a sixth month contract to study hazardous-waste management in Czechoslovakia. (08/15/91, C, 16:5). The Christian Science Monitor published a story of a Nuclear Power Plant Westinghouse is building in Czechoslovakia.  An international consortium of commercial banks, led by Citibank is providing financing. The Westinghouse deal followed a revolution that toppled a regime in Prague that opposed the plant out of fear caused by the Chernobyl disaster. The deal is especially sweet as Westinghouse and Citibank cannot lose a cent. The US Export-Import Bank guaranteed their profit. Will ICF be hired to clean up the nuclear poison this country was forced into producing? Will Citibank earn interest by lending money to finance the phony project? 1990             Johns Hopkins University’s applied research laboratory received a $16.7 million Navy contract for military and Space Studies. General Dynamics and ICF Kaiser Engineers also received Pentagon research contracts. ( 04/20/90, A 16:4) American Capital & Research Corp said Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory awarded its ICF Kaiser Engineers subsidiary alone-year contract for $8 million, with two possible one-year extensions of$8 million each. 09/05/90 C, 14:4.             American Capital & Research Corp’s ICF Kaiser Engineers unit was awarded a $28 million contract from the DOE to design high-level radioactive waste tanks. (10/05/90, A, 8:2)             On 12-14-89 3,612,000 shares of common stock of ICF corporation were offered at a price of $8.50 a share. One of the underwriters for the offer was Shearson Lehman Hutton Inc. In 1989 Richard G. Darman became a managing director for Shearson Lehman Brothers. In 1989 Darman’s fellow Council on Foreign Relations member George Bush became President of the United States. James Aldiss Baker III became George Bush’s first Secretary of State. Richard Gordon Darman become Director of the Office of Management and Budget. Shearson Lehman brothers had other famous Council on Foreign Relations members who served on its Board of Directors or held other high level positions with the company. One was Undersecretary of State George Wildman Ball. Ball was Undersecretary for President Kennedy. Another was a Vice President of the US who would one day become a president. Upon entering office this Vice-President made a promise to the American People. He promised that he wouldn’t grant his predecessor a presidential pardon for impeachable offenses. One of the first things this President did when entering office was break his promise to the people. This man’s name is Gerald Rudolph Ford. The criminal he pardoned was Richard Milhouse Nixon. Today, Gerald R. Ford is on the Board of Directors of several companies. Two of those companies are Lehman Brothers Holding, Company and Lehman Brothers Incorporated. Gerald R. Ford is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Another member of the board of directors of these two companies is John d. Macomber, also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Fredric V. Malek was Deputy Director for the Office of Management and Budget for the Nixon Administration. Armanda’s Director for the Office of Management and Budget for the Bush administration. In 1972 a federal personnel manual was published. This manual became known as the Malek manual. In February of1978, the 95th Congress published a report called “The Whistleblowers A Report On Federal Employees Who Disclose Acts of Governmental Waste, Abuse, and Corruption – Committee On Governmental Affairs US Senate” . The report states, This document [the Malek manual] named for Frederick Malek, one time head of Richard Nixon’s White House Personnel Office, was written by Alan May. It was intended to assist Nixon appointees in understanding the bureaucracy and in placing politically favorable individuals into key agency positions…The techniques in the ‘Malek Manual” were not all created by Alan May or the Nixon White House…The startling value of the document is that the techniques, attitudes and political philosophies were written down and distributed to a select group of Nixon appointees.”   Section III of the Malek manual describes tactics that can be used to harass and frustrate federal employees. The introduction to, and the last paragraph of the Malek Manual, contain the following words, “You cannot hope to achieve policy, program or management control until you have achieved political control. That is the difference between ruling and reigning.” The words are attributed to “one of the ranking members of the Administration“. The administration referred to is the Nixon administration. The sentence is an attempt to justify the procedures in the Malek Manual – it is another way of saying, the “ends justify the means”. The procedures in the Malek manual are not just, and they are not moral – they are tactics of ruthless self-serving power hungry individuals willing to hurt others yet unwilling to accept responsibility for the consequences of their actions. It is not possible to adequately characterize the presumption, the deceitfulness and the deliberate perversion of intelligence involved in refusal to note the plural effects that flow from the application of a particular set of tactics. Application of the tactics in the Malek manual would be a prime example of this perversion. Could Richard G. Darman be one of the select group of Nixon appointees to whom a copy of the Malek manual was distributed? Did Darman apply the unethical and immoral tactics described in the Malek manual in all the administrations in which he served? Frederick Malek certainly did. Frederick Malek and Richard G. Darman are members of the Council on Foreign Relations.



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