Oliver Stone deaf dumb and blind to CFR-NSA-Snowden Connection

On July 10th Melissa Jeltsen published a story titled Oliver Stone Slams ‘NSA Surveillance Machine’. Stone tells us about the cost of an unaccountable government. Stone asks do we control government or does government control us? Stone urges us to contact Congress. What Stone doesn’t do is to tell people about the group behind the spying, the Council on Foreign Relations. 18 NSA directors are Council on Foreign Relations members. 18 CIA directors are CFR members. The CFR’s Carlyle group owns Booz-Allen, the spy-nest Snowden worked for. The CFR member corporations are the Military Industrial Complex and Wall Street Banksters that caused the economic crisis and that Stone keeps capitalizing on in his movies about insider trading. CFR member Mike Douglas portrayed Gordon Gecko in two Stone movies that showed the greed of Wall Street Bankers but never connected the Bankers to the CFR. If the CFR run NSA/CIA intelligence are they using the information to help CFR Member Corporation’s profit? Is Stone really that obtuse that he can’t connect the CFR to his stories? Snowden is a hero. The CFR run NSA can target, and kill American Citizens. Do they have Snowden on a CFR kill list? Shouldn’t this concern Stone? Facts regarding the CFR-Snowden-NSA can be found here https://tomjefferson1976.wordpress.com/2013/07/12/nyt-refused-to-post-my-comment-on-edward-snowden-and-the-nsa/. Call for a Grand Jury investigation of the CFR. Among the people the grand jury should question are so called investigative journalists like Stone who leave the CFR connection out of their story. The first rules of disinformation is Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. You may know it, but won’t discuss it. Oliver Stone knows about the CFR but he won’t discuss it. Why is that? Is Stone in some way connected to the CFR NSA/CIA intelligence organizations? Are Stones movies a CFR CIA/NSA propaganda technique called a Limited Hangout that involves the release of previously hidden information but misdirects the viewer by leaving out important details like who is the group behind the problem?

Oliver Stone Slams ‘NSA Surveillance Machine’ (VIDEO)
The Huffington Post | By Melissa Jeltsen Posted: 07/10/2013 8:43 pm EDT

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Stone You Tube Video

Politically-outspoken director Oliver Stone addressed the still-unfolding NSA spying scandal in a video released Wednesday, cautioning that Americans’ civil liberties were being “eaten by the NSA surveillance machine.”
“Does it concern you that the government is spying on you?” he asked.
In the video, produced by the ACLU, Stone warned of the costs of unchecked government surveillance, and reminded viewers not to forget the lessons of the past.
“This country was born in rebellion because the British government was exerting too much control over American lives. We broke free and began to create a system of government meant to protect liberty,” he said. “Our national history reveals a constant struggle to stay true to this value. We face one of those moments of struggles right now.”
Stone urged Americans to stand up for civil liberties and to ask Congress to end the tracking of domestic communications.
This wasn’t the first time Stone spoke out against the NSA’s domestic spying program. During a Fourth of July appearance at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, the director praised whistleblower Edward Snowden as a “hero” for revealing secrets that the public deserves to know.



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2 responses to “Oliver Stone deaf dumb and blind to CFR-NSA-Snowden Connection

  1. The Smithsonian website is also censors blogs with far less references to the CRF stranglehold on the. Military Industrial National Security State. This topic is taboo in the mainstream corporate news.. …It’s no coincidence that the banks are too big to fail and banksters to powerful to prosecute after the largest financil swindle in human history. The progeny of the marriage of government and corporations is the Rosemary’s baby of facism.

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