It is Time To sue the Council on Foreign Relations and the NSA for violating the privacy of millions of citizens

I have been aware of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) US intelligence connection for a long time. Eighteen National Security Administration dirs. and Eighteen Central Intelligence Agency dirs. are CFR members. When the Snowden incident broke I became aware of the fact that the CFR run Carlyle group owns the Booz-Allen Spy nest that Snowden worked for. No one, including the Guardian’s Glenn Greenwald have make the CFR-NSA-Snowden connection. I wrote a letter to the NY times about it and they wouldn’t post it so I put it up on a blog .

The article below appeared in the New York Times. It appears a UK spy agency called Government Communications Head Quarters (GCHQ) is doing NSA like spying in the UK. It is being sued. I believe that GCHQ has been run for many years by Royal Institute of International Affairs/Chatham House members. I have tried for a long time to get a list of Chatham house members to prove my theory. It is not possible, they will not release their membership list. The CFR does release their list.

 The CFR and Chatham House both grew out of Cecil Rhodes Secret Society called the Roundtable Group. The Roundtable group was set up as circles within circles. The CFR and Chatham House operate in this manner too.  I think that Chatham House circles are set up a little differently than CFR circles. The CFR is very exclusive. Members are put up by three other CFR members. They have circles within circles where the inner most circle does the planning and uses outer circle members in the plan without the outer circle members role being made known to them. This allows for plausible deniability. Chatham House is much more lenient in allowing anyone who wants to pay to be a member. I think every CFR member knows the power of the organization and is aware that they are playing a part in furthering CFR ends. This may not be true of many Chatham house members. But rest assured that the inner circles are made up of a UK power elite that know what is going on. Because of the UK’s class system inner circle people would be members of UK aristocracy.

If any of these lawsuits are legitimate and want to get to the source of the problem they should make Chatham House involvement part of the focus of their suits. They should use the lawsuit to get Chatham House membership lists and make up a chart showing Chatham House membership and member roles in running organizations like MI5/MI6 and GCHQ. This Chart displays CFR-Government connections and is a useful tool in making people aware that the CFR run the US government.

If anyone out there could make the groups suing GCHQ aware of and act on this and, if we can expose the CFR/Chatham House monsters, maybe enough people will get angry and help put them down.

If any groups out there believe that it is wrong for a non-government agency using a government agency to spy on hundreds of millions of American citizens then it is time to call for a grand jury investigation of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Groups launch privacy suit against UK spy agency
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Oct 3, 3:52 PM (ET)

LONDON (AP) – Three organizations in Britain have filed a lawsuit at the European Court of Human Rights, accusing their country’s eavesdropping agency of using its online surveillance programs to violate the privacy of millions of citizens.

English PEN, Big Brother Watch and the Open Rights Group claim that Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters, known as GCHQ, acted illegally by collecting vast amounts of data, including the contents of emails and social media messages.

The legal challenge came after documents disclosed by U.S. National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden exposed the extent of mass data gathering carried out by NSA and GCHQ.

Lawyer Daniel Carey said Thursday that papers for the lawsuit were filed this week at the court, which is based in Strasbourg, France.

GCHQ did not immediately return calls seeking its comment.



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