Hillary E-mails Reveal CFR-Clinton-Slaughter-Blumenthal Benghazi Psyop Connections

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The latest CFR Benghazi connection comes to light through Hillary Clinton E-mails with Council on Foreign Relations members Anne-Marie Slaughter and Sidney Blumenthal. The e-mails have Slaughter and Blumental advising Hillary and the CFR run State Department to intervene in the Libyan civil war. Alternative media broke the story two days ago. Council on Foreign Relations run main stream media have been completely silent on the matter.

In 2009 CFR member Blumenthal, a longtime advisor of CFR member President Bill Clinton, joined the Clinton Foundation payroll. The foundation is run by CFR member Bill, his daughter CFR member Chelsea, and Hillary. The Clinton Foundation payed CFR member Blumenthal $10,000 a month. Blumenthal was hired upon former President Clinton request.

Emails from Hillary Clinton’s private server showed Blumenthal sent 25 memos to Clinton about Libya, including one that initially blamed the 2012 Benghazi attacks on a “sacrilegious internet video.” A follow-up email attributed it to a terrorist attack.

Anne Marie Slaughter has sat upon McDonald’s and Citigroup boards and was  a Council on Foreign Relations board member. She is the author of a book literally titled, “A New World Order” whose catch line is “Global governance is here.” In it she argues that such governance is done through “a complex global web of government networks.” Slaughter begins a recent Atlantic article titled “The New Foreign Policy Frontier” by citing “corporations, foundations, NGOs, universities, think tanks, churches, civic groups, political activists, Facebook groups, and others” as the new frontier of foreign policy. CFR member Slaughter fails to point out that this network is controlled by the Council on Foreign Relations. Naná de Graaff & Bastiaan van Apeldoorn of the Department of Political Science, VU University Amsterdam exposes this powerful CFR network in their paper America’s Post Cold War Grand Strategy- Makers and the Policy Planning Network. Upon examination it is obvious to anyone who looks into these “networks” that they represent the Council on Foreign Relations Military Industrial Complex and Banking interests, answer to no one, and apply the rule of law as an arbitrary reflection of their self-serving interests subject to change upon a political whim.

The Clinton/Blumenthal/Slaughter e-mails reveal Clinton’s enthusiasm for intervention in Libya didn’t emerge out of a vacuum but that she was encouraged to back military action early on by two key figures and members of the Council on Foreign Relations Blumenthal and Slaughter:

Joel Gillan, in the National Review reports ““We came, we saw, he died,” Clinton laughed after learning of dictator Muammar Gaddafi’s death. She’s probably less triumphant today, given that Libya is now a failing state. Clinton and other Western officials sold NATO’s intervention in Libya as a humanitarian effort to stop the imminent slaughter of civilians in Benghazi. “Imagine we were sitting here and Benghazi had been overrun, a city of 700,000 people, and tens of thousands of people had been slaughtered, hundreds of thousands had fled. … The cries would be, ‘Why did the United States not do anything?’” Clinton said in an interview in March of 2011. It was the argument President Barack Obama would also use to justify the no-fly zone put forward in U.N. Resolution 1973, which called for “all necessary measures” to protect civilians. Several reports have noted the pivotal role played by Clinton in convincing the president to support the intervention, which was also strongly backed by then-U.S. ambassador to the U.N., Council on Foreign Relations member Susan Rice, and Council on Foreign Relations member Samantha Power, then serving at the National Security Council, as well as then-Senator Council on Foreign Relations member John Kerry, who invoked Rwanda. (The skeptics, who doubted that vital U.S. interests were at stake, included then-Secretary of Defense Council on Foreign Relations member Robert Gates and other top CFR national security officials who were playing their role as participants in a good old CFR Hegelian Dialectic.)” (Joel was ignorant of the CFR relationship to the story and didn’t identify the Council on Foreign Relation membership of the people in his article – I helped him out – you’re welcome Joel!)

Why isn’t Trey Gowdy and the Benghazi Investigation Committee investigating the CFR role in the Benghazi psyop? Why is the Benghazi investigation being turned into a Democrat vs Republican political side-show? Could it be because both parties are controlled by the CFR Military Industrial complex?

 An alternative Media story follows. It too  leaves the CFR out of the story. I added some of the missing connections.

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Web Only / Features » October 7, 2015

New Hillary Clinton Emails: Anne-Marie Slaughter, Sidney Blumenthal Urged Libya Military Action

The most recent release of Clinton’s emails show the two liberal advisors strongly encouraging U.S. intervention against Libya.

BY Branko Marcetic

hillary 1

Responding to an email from CFR member Slaughter about the Egyptian Revolution, the former Secretary of State told her she would include her points in her upcoming interviews, concluding: “Thx so much. Pls keep the ideas coming!” Meanwhile, when CFR member Blumenthal suggested establishing a no-fly zone over Libya, CFR spouse Clinton forwarded it on to her Director of Policy Planning Jacob Sullivan within 10 minutes, asking him, “What do you think of this idea?”

The latest release of emails from Hillary Clinton’s private server has prompted numerous stories about the former Secretary of State’s battle with an intransigent White House phone operator, her preparations for an appearance on Ellen DeGeneres’ TV show and the fact that even the United States’ top diplomat gets sent the same kind of scam emails that the rest of us do. What hasn’t been reported is how the current Democratic frontrunner was urged by her unofficial advisers to take up the interventionist stance she eventually adopted toward the Libyan civil war during her time in cabinet—with disastrous results.

Back in 2011, the United States, along with a number of other Western powers, intervened in an increasingly violent civil war in Libya, first by imposing a no-fly zone and then by commencing a bombing campaign that forced dictator Muammar Gaddafi to flee the capital. Clinton was reportedly instrumental in not just convincing President Obama to approve the U.S.’s involvement, but in keeping the entire fractious coalition of Western powers together.

After Gaddafi was toppled, Clinton was quick to declare the operation a success, flashing a peace sign in Tripoli and declaring it “Libya’s victory.” She publicly praised the United States’ “smart power,” while privately—as previously released emails revealed—her advisers urged her to take credit for the operation’s supposed success.

But Clinton’s enthusiasm for intervention in Libya didn’t emerge out of a vacuum, as the most recently released emails show. She was encouraged to back military action early on by two key figures and members of the Council on Foreign Relations: former White House official and friend Sidney Blumenthal and former State Department official and columnist Anne-Marie Slaughter.

Blumenthal’s role as Clinton’s confidante is well established at this point, as previous State Department’s email releases have shown. Hundreds of those emails involved advice from Blumenthal on everything from domestic and foreign politics to ideas for speeches.

But Slaughter’s role is less well known. Serving under Clinton as the State Department’s Director of Policy Planning from 2009 to February 2011, Slaughter stepped down and moved into a professorship at Princeton and, later, a role as President and CEO of New America, a think tank. Slaughter remained a consultant to the State Department’s Public Policy Bureau, however, and continued sending emails directly to Clinton about a variety of topics—including the events in Libya.

Slaughter was one of the loudest voices publicly calling for U.S. involvement in the North African state, and she continued this line in her private correspondence with Clinton. In one email dated February 23, 2011, in reference to images of brutality that were emerging from Libya, Slaughter insisted that “with this level of violence, force can only be met by force.”

In fact, as she saw it, intervening in Libya was vital to America’s global standing, as it would “change the image of the United States overnight, particularly with the millions of young people who are watching.” As historical examples to bolster her case, Slaughter picked three that would have been particularly meaningful for Clinton, having occurred during her husband’s presidency: NATO intervention in response to the ethnic cleansing of Muslims in Bosnia, the NATO bombing campaign against Serb forces in Kosovo and, most significantly, the United States’ and other countries’ failure to act to prevent genocide in Rwanda in 1994.

And the entire world would see, as they saw in Bosnia, NATO forces using force to save Muslims. Remember Rwanda. Even a small deployment could have stopped the killing. … Remember Kosovo.


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