Why didn’t Benghazi Committee Question Blumenthal & Hillary about the Benghazi-Libya-CFR connection?

Blumenthal Clinton

Council on Foreign Relations Members Sidney Blumenthal and Bill Clinton in Oval Office

Council on Foreign Relations member Sidney Blumenthal served as assistant and senior adviser to Council on Foreign Relations member  Bill Clinton from August 1997 until January 2001. His roles included advising the President on communications and public policy as well as researching information in the general media about the White House. CFR member Blumenthal’s career in journalism enabled him to add positive spins about the CFR member Clinton’s White House.

Hillary Clinton’s emails reveal CFR member Blumenthal served as Hillary’s political advisor. They also reveal Blumenthal had business interests in Libya and stood to profit if Qaddafi was removed from power. CFR member Blumenthal sent Clinton classified information including the name of a CIA operative which Hillary then forwarded from her private email address.

At no time during these activities was Blumenthal a State Department employee or an employee of the federal government. While working for CFR member Bill Clinton, CFR member Blumenthal was known for this loyalty to the Clintons, and for attacks on their adversaries. Because of this Rahm Emanuel, original chief of staff for President Obama, barred Blumenthal from holding a position in Hillary Clinton’s State Department.

Eighteen directors of the CIA have been members of the Council on Foreign Relations. Twenty-two secretaries of state have been CFR members. Is Blumenthal a CIA agent? Did Blumenthal receive his information from other CFR members in the CIA or State Department?  Aren’t these the type of questions the Benghazi Investigation committee should be asking CFR member Blumenthal?

benghazi whale

Council on Foreign Relations member corporations, including the Carlyle group are the de facto Military Industrial Complex of the United States. CFR member Blumenthal, a private citizen who profited from war exposed classified information he should not have had access to in the first place to CFR spouse Hillary Clinton. The Clinton Foundation run by CFR member Bill, CFR member Chelsea, and Hillary paid Blumenthal $10,000 a month. Shouldn’t the Benghazi Committee be investigating the Benghazi-CFR connection?

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